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Running Wisdom and Advice From Running Coach Naomi Morita

March 6, 2019

Running coach, and co-founder of the Bay Area's Hydration Running Team, Naomi Morita sits down with Dr. Kevin Vandi to discuss all things running.  Listen to Naomi's journey into running, her best races and what she's learned from the not so strong races, how she manages her "mental game" during long races, how she uses mechanics and strengthening drills to keep her and her team fit and free from injury, and hear her HUGE news about her career and future in running! 

In this episode you'll find out...

- How every runner chooses to run from different reasons

- How running outside can support running training AND stress relief

- The importance of celebrating your victories in training and performance after races

- Not every run is a "great run" and the mental strategies to overcome doubt 

- Naomi's BIG reveal about her career change!

- Hydration Running Team and how they use social events to improve their running community

- The important difference between having an "in-person" running coach vs. online program

- How Naomi overcame a chronic knee injury to her 1/2 marathon PR

and much more...!


You can get in touch with Naomi and to learn more about her coaching and Hydration Running Team at: 


Instagram: windsurfnerd



FREE Hydration Team Track Workouts: Thursday nights 6:30 pm at Stanford Track

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